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Staying safe in and around the water

Kiwis love to get down to the water in the warmer months. Whether it be a swim, splashing around with our tamariki or heading out on a boat, most of us will spend some time in the H2O this summer season.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind so that you and your whānau can stay safe this summer and enjoy your time at the pools and beaches together.

If you’re swimming at a beach with lifeguards, stay between the flags. The best way to know where the safe swimming spots are at beaches is to look for the flags. Outside of here, dangerous rips and currents may make it too unsafe to swim, and if you get into difficulty there may be nobody there to see.

Keep an eye on your children around the water. It doesn’t take long for things to go wrong with water around, so if you’re taking your tamariki swimming, stay with them at all times. Kids love the water, but they may not be aware of the potential problems they can get in to.

Stay within your abilities. If you do want to swim, not a problem! But know your limits and what you are capable of. If you’re not as confident in the surf or deeper water, stay closer to the beach and other people.

If you’re on a boat, always wear a lifejacket. Even the best swimmers out there can get into trouble sometimes, and life jackets help you to stay afloat when you can’t touch the ground. Make sure you clip yours on before heading out, and have enough for everyone on board.

The beaches, oceans and pools are great places to meet up with family and friends this summer and cool off. Keep these handy tips in mind to make sure you stay safe and can enjoy your time out in the sun.

Have a great summer!

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