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09 550 2146 (24hr)           In an emergency dial 111

About OneCare Health Papatoetoe and Ōtāhuhu

OneCare Health Papatoetoe was purchased by ProCare in February 2021. The medical centre is part of ProCare’s Elevate group of medical centres.

In February 2022, OneCare purchased Rangitoto Medical Centre and moved them from their location in Rangitoto Street, Papatoetoe to OneCare Health Papatoetoe at 230 Great South Road. The staff from Rangitoto Medical Centre are now part of the OneCare team.

OneCare Health Papatoetoe provides a family-based environment and quality, yet affordable, healthcare for all with a specific focus on South Auckland’s Pacific, Indian and Asian communities.

Continuity of care is concerned with quality of care over time.  It is the process by which the patient and his/her/their physician led team are cooperatively involved in ongoing health care management toward the shared goal of high quality, cost effective medical care. It Is facilitated by a physician led, team-based approach to health care reducing fragmentation and therefore improving patient safety and quality of care.


OneCare Health supports the concept of continuity of care and supports the role of General Practitioners in providing continuity of care to their patients in all settings, both directly and by coordination of care with the health care team and other health care professionals.

OneCare Health Papatoetoe and Ōtāhuhu, caring for your family's health


Dr Peter McGeoch

Dr Peter McGeoch

General Practitioner

Dr Peter McGeoch is interested in helping the high needs community, minor surgeries and men's health. He is currently seeing patients via telehealth only.

Dr Rohit Singla

Dr Rohit Singla

General Practitioner

Dr Rohit Singla is interested in supporting patients suffering from long-term conditions.

Dr Samuel Fuimano

Dr Samuel Fuimano

General Practitioner

Dr Samuel Fuimano is a Chief in the Samoan culture and highly respected figure in local Samoan churches.

Dr Maysa Alabri

Dr Maysa Alabri

General Practitioner

Dr Maysa Alabri is interested in Women’s Health and providing holistic care to all our patients and their families.

Dr Finau Tutone

Dr Finau Tutone

General Practitioner

Dr Finau Tutone is interested in the psychodymanic relationship between Doctor and Patient, as an opportunity for learning and growth.

Dr Luarell Tutone

Dr Luarell Tutone

General Practitioner

Dr Luarell Tutone is interested in mental health and learning through the life experiences of the patients we support.


Our nursing team is led by our Practice Nurse Manager, Pooja. You will likely encounter one of our nurses, Nikki or Shinal, when visiting our practice, or our Health Care Assistant, Kavita.


Our receptionists and admin staff are the public face of OneCare Health. On the phone or at reception, you are likely to speak to Lisa, Jeanette, Jo, Vini or our administrator Celine. 


Cici is responsible for the day-to-day running of the practice, and works closely with the doctors, nurses and administration staff to ensure we provide a high-quality service.

Repeat prescriptions can now be ordered online via MyIndici

Prescriptions may be able to be renewed without the need for an appointment, but we need to follow careful guidelines, for safety and legal reasons. All conditions which require long-term medication require regular review to make sure the treatment remains appropriate and safe. 

You can request repeat prescriptions online, or by telephone. Remember to include enough detail about the name and dosage of the medicine and provide contact details so that our nurse can contact you if needed. Repeat prescriptions are normally ready for collection the next day. If you have an urgent need for a "same day" prescription, additional charges apply. 

Please let our team know if you would like your prescription faxed directly to your chemist. Please note that additional charges may apply. 


Each appointment is scheduled for 15 minutes. Some consultations will require more time. If you feel this may be the case, you should advise the receptionist to book for a longer appointment (please note: this may incur an increased charge).

Minor surgery (excisions), medical examination for driving licences, IUCD fitting, general medicals for insurance, mole checks, all require a special appointment, and sometimes a nurse appointment as well. We prefer you to phone for these appointments rather than "dropping in" to be seen.

We now offer online booking of appointments but please note that this service is for standard appointments only.

If you are a new patient, please phone for your first appointment to ensure that the enrolment process can be started. 

Test Results

We will always try to contact you as soon as possible with significant abnormal results, but if you want to ring or contact us, please feel free to do so - the nurse will explain the result to you after it has been checked by the doctor who ordered the test. We will communicate with you by whatever means is most convenient for you - including text and email. Remember that although we treat emails with the same confidentiality protocols as anything else, emails are inherently insecure and should not be used for communication about matters which you regard as private and personal. Our texting service is dependent on us having a current cell phone number.

NEW - test results are now available via our online patient portal, MyIndici, To access this service you will need to upgrade your security level by talking to our reception staff. This is for your own protection, to ensure that your health information is accessible only by you. You will need to produce some form of ID for our staff, unless you are personally known to them. Once this has been done, you can access any new lab result online as soon as it has been filed by your doctor. ​


Under 14 years


14 - 17 years standard appt


14 - 17 years extended appt


18+ years standard appt


18+ years extended appt


Different charges will apply to casuals and non-resident patients


For more information on individual clinic and service availability visit the Services page.

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