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Brain Awareness Week

This week we recognise Brain Awareness Week across the world.

This is an opportunity to bring attention to how important brain research is, as well as raising awareness of neurological conditions that affect people from all walks of life. The month is highlighted by Brain Awareness Week, which runs from the 13th to 19th and focuses on the importance of continuing to research the brain to better understand how it functions.

One of the big focuses internationally throughout March is brain injuries. On average, 36,000 Kiwis suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year, and these can happen in a variety of ways including a hard knock to the head, or from a medical issue such as a stroke, brain tumour, or lack of oxygen.

Brain injuries can have big impacts on all areas of a person’s life including interactions with family, their job, and social interactions. You can find out more about the effects of TBIs, what they are and how they are diagnosed here

Neurological conditions are any disorders that affect the brain, as well as the nerves in the spinal cord and throughout the body. These can affect people at any age and stage of life and include epilepsy, brain tumours, ADHD, and cerebral palsy, amongst many others. This March, the Neurological Foundation is organising a range of public events throughout New Zealand to share exciting advances in brain science, encourage conversations about brain health, and raise awareness for the importance of ongoing research.

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